With gyms being closed during lockdown, and outdoor exercise being restricted, most of us have had a bit of weight gain over the last few months. Being out of our normal routine has been an adjustment, and you may have found yourself stepping on the scales and realising you have gained a kilo, or a few! With that extra weight, you may have noticed some stubborn bulges that were not there before, or you may just be feeling a bit fed up with yoyo dieting and not seeing the results of your figure that YOU want.  

Did you know that by using a bespoke treatment plan alongside CoolSculpting® technology, we can sculpt the shape of your body, so any extra bulges can be smoothed out, helping you to feel your best again! Results of this treatment can be seen as early as six weeks. Sounds amazing, right?  

CoolSculpting® is the No.1 fat freezing and body sculpting treatment, using controlled cooling. It is also the only FDA cleared fat freezing treatment on the market, meaning it is safe, effective, and driven by science and clinical studies to show the technology WORKS. A bespoke treatment plan will be created for you by your aesthetician after a body analysis and consultation, to assess the areas of improvements you would like to see. No body is the same, so why should a treatment be? Your treatment plan will be developed by deciding the amount of applicators you made need to achieve the desired result. When we reach adulthood, our body produces a certain amount of fat cells, when we lose and gain weight, the fat cells shrink and expand. Imagine blowing up a balloon, even if all the air comes out, it will still be there, it’s the same with fat cells. Our fat cells may shrink with weight loss, but we will never lose them, until you have a CoolSculpting® treatment. CoolSculpting® will reduce fat cells by up to 27% in the treated area, because our bodies do not produce new fat cells, these results are permanent! Our lymphatic system filters out the fat cells, after they have crystalised during the treatment, to achieve our new shape as early as 6 weeks- 3 months post treatment. Even better, CoolSculpting® has ZERO downtime, so no time off work is required, and you can get straight back to the gym.  

If you want to lose a bit of weight post lockdown, CoolSculpting® is the perfect treatment to help you alongside your weight loss journey, and can even sculpt your body to your ideal shape. Areas that can be treated include: Flanks, abdomen, chin, arms, inner and outer thigh, axillary puffs, bra fat, banana rolls.   If you have any questions on CoolSculpting®, please give our CoolSculpt Centre at 100 Harley Street a call on: 020 3326 8896 and book in a complimentary CoolSculpting consultation with our body specialist Melissa French.

*Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.